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Preschool, Preppy K & Transitional-K Programs

“Each student is lovingly engaged, educationally equipped, and personally empowered for success”


At Calvary Chapel Preschool (CCP), we are sensitive that it requires a trusting relationship to leave your child in the care of another person. Our promise to you is to love, care, and support your child while he/she is under our tutelage here at Calvary Chapel Schools.


Your child will begin their education in our Preschool Program classrooms which are warm, spacious, and developmentally appropriate for TWO and THREE YEAR-OLDS. Our teachers will instruct using a developmental curriculum that focuses on social and developmental skills, self-regulation, and gently introduces the academics of letters, numbers, and printing.


From our Preschool Program, children FOUR YEARS OLD will enter our Preppy K Program. The teachers will aid in this transition by welcoming them with a smile and excitement about your child’s new venture. This program will introduce letter sounds and number value, along with the writing skills needed to be ready for our TK or Kindergarten Program.


Our Transitional-Kindergarten (TK) program, for FOUR ½ AND FIVE-YEAR-OLDS is designed for students who would benefit from an additional developmental year to be successful in Kindergarten. Your child will acclimate to attending school five days a week with an accelerated curriculum to enhance pre-reading skills, number value, and writing skills. Kindergarten classroom procedures and independence will be implemented in this classroom. 


Each day, every class begins with a Bible lesson, prayer time & PE. All our programs also include Chapel, a Music program, Enrichment class, and Gardening class.


Most importantly, all of our programs provide an environment that makes children feel safe, confident, and most importantly, loved.


You may call/email the Principal, Leslie Steinhaus or Assistant Director, Holly Vasquez, to visit the campus and find out more about each program and how we can come alongside you on your child’s educational journey. (714) 556-0965 or [email protected] or [email protected]